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Monday, August 3, 2009

Cool Tittles

Go to cool text at And create a cool title Its a entirely free site. Click on one of the logos and You probably want experiment around with what you want your tittle to look like. The size I usually start with 160 and see how big it looks when I render it, you can all ways hit edit logo if it doesn't look right. Right click on the cool text image that you choose and hit "save image as" and then name it. Know go back to your blog hit lay out page elements and in the header tittle section hit edit. where it says Image hit browse ( here I ussualy right click then arrange by moddified in the file uploads then it should be at the end). Click on instead of tittle, save and view blog and your done. This all so works with pictures if you want a background picture just don't hit instead of tittle, see example here.

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